CamHunt for GTA San Andreas

CamHunt for GTA San Andreas
CamHunt for GTA San Andreas miniature 1
CamHunt for GTA San Andreas video 1
CamHunt for GTA San Andreas miniature 2
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Published on 10 November 2014

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And now let us forget about the old CamHack'e, new script for shooting video, movies, and so on for GTA San Andreas.
This tool will allow you to enjoy
from shooting video, instead of the long rebounds angles and
This plugin will allow you to forget about sudden movements
dërganij mouse and clumsy camera when shooting video.

In order to activate CamHunt in the game, you
You must press Alt + C.

Then, to open the interface, then press the "Num/(default)
Using the interface, you can change various settings and change the
keys that are assigned to the action. Remove the interface by clicking
the same key. Change the interface by clicking the button below
the inscription "GUI".

The interface contains several pozunkov and buttons. Pozlunki are used to
easily change camera settings. Buttons can be used to install
keys for the action, and some other features,
for example, mount the camera to the player.

In order to change key action, click below
name of the action in question. Then click on the
you want to assign to this action. If you've clicked the button by accident,
or change your mind change key action, press "Backspace".

Some buttons are in charge of certain options. For example, the option
"Use Mouse" allows you to select what you want to use for
camera rotation: mouse or keyboard.

The button "Attach to Ped" will allow you to attach the camera to the player or
Another neighbor pedestrians and players (if you play SA-MP).
The arrows ' "you can switch between pedestrians.

' X ' "Attach Rotation" meets the strict attachment to the selected

Special thanks to:
DK22Pac-for assistance in the development of
zoomer-for testing and ideas
Author:  Ворон
Author`s site:  GTA-Parkour.Ru
This mod required:

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