Input Emulate v0.1 (alpha) for GTA San Andreas

Input Emulate v0.1 (alpha) for GTA San Andreas
Input Emulate v0.1 (alpha) for GTA San Andreas miniature 1 Input Emulate v0.1 (alpha) for GTA San Andreas miniature 2 Input Emulate v0.1 (alpha) for GTA San Andreas miniature 3 Input Emulate v0.1 (alpha) for GTA San Andreas miniature 4
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Published on 30 May 2018

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Script, allowing you to write on a normal Russian DYOM. Forget about fonts, importing and exporting text and other crutches. Modification on alpha stage. Can be critical errors, defects, bugs. Please report all bugs in the script, as well as from time to time visit this page so you don't miss the update. Features: * Full input editor when you activate the script replaces the standard. You won't feel the difference. * No longer will you have to write to "spent" language. All the letters are there where their place on the keyboard. * Support for letters й, щ, e. * letters are not a substitute for English, so there is support for two languages, if not installed special fonts. * Compatible with first and second version of the font from Mefisto. * Lack of dependence on fonts for DYOM. But be sure to set the Localization Smarter's, other rusifikatorah text will be displayed correctly. * To display dialogs do not need to install script, it is only necessary to enter text when creating mission. How to use: when open the input text field, click insert to include the emulator. After the appearance of text on the screen can write. It will switch off automatically after you save the row. IT is IMPORTANT! Do not turn on the emulator without needing to. Possible errors: * most often skipping letters when high-speed printing of text. * Rarely, short game hang when entering text. * Very rarely, game crashes when you enable the emulator when the game does not provide a text input. Version 0.1 is laid out with a view to detecting and correcting others, possible bugs. Hotkeys: ctrl + R-color text red ctrl + G-color text in green ctrl + B-color text in blue color ctrl + Y-color text in yellow color ctrl + W-return text of white color ctrl + N-start text on a new line
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