How to configure your ENBSeries for GTA San Andreas

A little bit about.

For starters, let's find out what is this modification and what it does.

ENBSeries is a mod that changes the graphics. Yes, it is thanks to this modification, the graphics in the game can pull at times, however, it should be noted that the ENB eats a lot of resources graphics, so many users can't find both beautiful and productive. for your PC. Resulting in no graphics, no fun...

Как настроить свой ENBSeries

Incidentally, the original author of this mod is a citizen of Russia - Boris Vorontsov. It was the first to connect additional effects for GTA San Andreas in the distant 2007.

Как настроить свой ENBSeries

Let's tune modifications

1) To start download from official website of the developer ENBSeries'and the most fashion and then copy this files in the game folder. All mod already connected the game, it only remains to configure.

For the configuration modifications You have to work with the files d3d9.dll and ENBSeries.ini.
d3d9.dll is, roughly speaking, a library that enables the effects to the game. They vary, because some have the effect of a Bump, i.e. bump mapping.

Put simply, the earth's surface will look "wet". (This effect is by default present in v0.075c, v0.076 versions, but you can't disable it. However, in later versions it can be disable and enable in the ENBSeries.ini). But alas, this effect does not work in SA-MP and is very very demanding on the PC.

Как настроить свой ENBSeries

ENBSeries.ini - text file with which to work. If you think that's difficult, actually, no. Just substitute the numbers. (By the way, 1 means to connect one or the other effect, and 0 to disable. But! If the line is the word "Quality", ie the quality, it's the opposite. 1 - worse 0 better.

Как настроить свой ENBSeries

2) Open Notepad file Enbseries.ini, which is located in the root folder with the game. And then I will paint what parameter is responsible for what.


EnableProxyLibrary=(0,1) use of loading external library mod when you start the game. Helps to solve the problem of several d3d9.dll files.

InitProxyFunctions=(0,1) when loading third-party libraries to connect to its functions.

ProxyLibrary=(filename) the file name of third-party libraries.


UseEffect=(0,1) activate mod at start of the game instead of switching keys. Depending on the game interface elements or movies may be corrupted visually, but in some cases, you may need.

AlternativeDepth=(0,1) allows to increase the speed of some effects, but not all video cards support this feature, if the objects are visible broad lines, deactivate this mode.

AllowAntialias=(0,1) allows the use of rendering effects antialiasing settings of the game (antialiasing, multisampling, fsaa, FSAA in other words).

BugFixMode=(0..5) every value intended to bypass incompatibilities and errors. Values from 0 to 5 is formats HDR textures used in effects, which affects the speed and quality. For drivers forceware and 171.xx is not recommended to set the parameter to 1 because of a critical error to work with R32F textures. Values: 0 (R32G32F)-quality and average speed, 1 (R32F)-high quality and speed, 2 (A32R32G32B32F)-quality and low speed, 3 (R16F)-low quality and the fastest, 4 (R16G16F)-low quality and fast, 5 (A16R16G16B16F)-low quality and average speed.

SkipShaderOptimization=(0,1) disables optimization when compiling Shader, which in some cases helps to avoid errors and artifacts.


EnableBloom=(0,1) enable bloom effect (blur the bright areas).

EnableOcclusion=(0,1) enable screen space ambient occlusion (mutual shading of near objects).

EnableReflection=(0,1) reflection from transport.

EnableMotionblur=(0,1) blur the image in motion. Temporarily disabled.

EnableWater=(0,1) effects on water.

EnableShadow=(0,1) the effects of shadows.

DepthBias=(0..1000) to render the scene depth shift relative to the original geometry towards the camera, needed for some graphics cards and drivers. If occlusion is lost, probably 100 will be enough.


KeyUseEffect=(1..255) number keys to activate the mod (in decimal).

KeyBloom=(1..255) number keys, activating bloom (decimal).

KeyOcclusion=(1..255) number keys to activate ssao (in decimal).

KeyReflection=(1..255) number keys to activate reflection (in decimal).

KeyCombination=(1..255) number additional keys combinations when you press
(default is SHIFT).

KeyShadow=(1..255) number keys to activate the shade (in decimal).

KeyWater=(1..255) number keys to activate water effects (decimal).


ReflectionPower=(0..100) level of vehicles reflection.

ChromePower=(0..100) level of reflection of the steel parts of the car. Temporarily disabled.

UseCurrentFrameReflection=(0,1) use of the image on the screen of the current frame in the reflection, a value of 0 is used for the previous frame.

ReflectionQuality=(0..2) quality of reflection, 0 is maximal quality and slowest speed.

ReflectionSourceSpecular=(0..100) percentage of use for the reflections of the specular color of the material car. Some items may be reflective.

ReflectionSourceTFactor=(0..100) the percent utilization for texture reflection factor of the parameter is controlled by the level of reflection in the game. Some of the details incorrect on the simulated machines can be reflective and Vice versa.

UseAdditiveReflection=(0,1) reflection will be added arithmetically to the color of the cars on the screen. Otherwise, a softer mix.

ReflectionDepthBias=(0..1000) shift the geometry of the reflection relative to the original machine in the direction of the camera, it is necessary for some video cards and drivers. If the reflection flickers or disappears, most likely 100 will be enough.

UseLowResReflection=(0,1) as a reflection, you will use the texture of reduced size with the blur, it allows you to achieve a matte reflection.


BloomPowerDay=(0..100) power of bloom at day time, dependent from screen brightness.

BloomFadeTime=(0..100000) time of bloom adaptation to change screen brightness, in milliseconds.

BloomConstantDay=(0..100) power Bluma in the daytime, independent of the time between the change of brightness and adaptation to bloom.

BloomQuality=(0..2) quality bloom, 0 is the maximum quality.

BloomScreenLevelDay=(0..100) average brightness of the screen in percentage, perceived as daytime.

BloomCurveDay=(-10..10) gamma correction for bloom during the day. Negative values increase halftone brightness (zadumannoe image), reduce the positive (rich, intense image).

BloomPowerNight=(0..100) power bloom at night, dependent from screen brightness.

BloomConstantNight=(0..100) power bloom at night, independent of the time between the change of brightness and adaptation to bloom.

BloomCurveNight=(-10..10) gamma correction of bloom at night. Negative values increase halftone brightness (zadumannoe image), reduce the positive (rich, intense image).

BloomScreenLevelNight=(0..100) average brightness of the screen in percentage, perceived as night.

BloomAdaptationScreenLevel=(0..100) average brightness of the screen in percents, over which bloom is deactivated. It is desirable that this parameter was more than BloomScreenLevelDay.

BloomAdaptationMultiplier=(0..100) percentage of the daily brightness of bloom that will be used when exceeding the screen brightness values
BloomAdaptationScreenLevel. 100 adaptation to the bloom turned off.

BloomAllowOversaturation=(0,1) if 0, bloom softly overlaid on the images without excessive saturation in bright areas, if 1, a bright region perenosyatsya and become uninformative.


UseFilter=(0,1) enable filtering of ambient occlusion to reduce the visibility of small noise
produced effect.

OcclusionQuality=(0..2) quality of ssao, 0 means the maximum quality and low productivity. In the current version the option is disabled and uses the lowest quality.

FilterQuality=(0..2) quality of noise filtering, produced by ambient occlusion algorithm,
0 means the maximum quality and low productivity.

DarkeningLevel=(0..100) level shading cracks from ambient occlusion

BrighteningLevel=(0..100) level of clarification of ribs from ambient occlusion

IlluminationLevel=(0..100) level lighting indirect lightning

AdditiveIlluminationLevel=(0..100) level of lighting dark areas indirect lightning

UseAmbientOcclusion=(0,1) whether to calculate the mutual shading of objects (currently not used).

UseIndirectLightning=(0,1) compute indirect lighting (impact on performance).


DarkeningAmountDay=(-100..100) level shading or lighten dark areas of the screen during the day. Negative values lighten, positive dim.

ScreenLevelDay=(0..100) average brightness of the screen in percentage, perceived as daytime.

ScreenLevelNight=(0..100) average brightness of the screen in percentage, perceived as night.

DarkeningAmountNight=(-100..100) level shading or lighten dark areas of the screen at night. Negative values lighten, positive dim. It is recommended that positive values for a more natural appearance of the night.

GammaCurveDay=(-10..10) gamma correction day. Negative values increase halftone brightness (pale image), positive reduce (rich, intense image).

GammaCurveNight=(-10..10) gamma correction at night. Negative values increase halftone brightness (pale image), positive reduce (rich, intense image).


WeatherMod=(0,1) activates color correction if prescribed fashion Weather Mod that was chosen by its author. Temporarily disabled.


UseWaterDeep=(0,1) use smooth transition between different depths of water, turning into color.

WaterDeepness=(0..1000) factor of translucency of water at different depths.

WaterQuality=(0..2) water quality, 0 - maximum quality.


ShadowFadeStart=(0..1000) the distance at which shadow starts to fade.

ShadowFadeEnd=(0..1000) the distance at which the shadow off completely.

ShadowAmountDay=(0..100) percentage of brightness of shadows in the daytime.

ShadowAmountNight=(0..100) percentage of brightness of shadows in the night.

ShadowScreenLevelDay=(0..100) average brightness of the screen in percentage, perceived as daytime.

ShadowScreenLevelNight=(0..100) average brightness of the screen in percentage, perceived as night.

ShadowQuality=(0..2) quality of shadows. 0 - highest quality.

UseShadowFilter=(0,1) the use of filtering shadows

FilterQuality=(0..2) quality of shadows filtering. 0 - highest quality.


ForceAnisotropicFiltering=(0,1) forced on anisotropic filtering for all textures of the game.

MaxAnisotropy=(1..16) the maximum level of anisotropy than the above value, the sharper textures.

ForceDisplayRefreshRate=(0,1) force use of the frequency of the monitor.

DisplayRefreshRateHz=(60..240) scanning frequency of the monitor. Attention, improper use of this parameter may cause damage to the monitor or other display device!


MotionblurQuality=(0..2) sampling quality, 0-maximum quality

MotionblurVelocity=(0..100) factor of the vector length of the direction of movement forward

MotionblurRotation=(0..100) factor of movement to the side and turn, recommended the same value as MotionblurVelocity


DOFQuality=(0..2) quality of the focusing effect. But be careful, "DoF" eats a lot of FPS and need only to take screenshots.

DOFNumberOfPasses=(0..1000) range.

DOFFocusRange=(0..100) the focus of the focusing effect.

DOFBlurinessRange=(0..100) the number of Blur effect. The more You put in the number, the more it will blur.

Как настроить свой ENBSeries

Focusing effect "DoF"

3) Additional effects. Timecyc, Colormode and Shader's.

Timecyc Is the file responsible for the color of the sky and the lighting in the game. Is located in the folder Data. It is very important, because the original Timecyc has terrible lighting, causing the cars in the game blacked out. You can either configure or download a pre-configured.

Как настроить свой ENBSeries

New Timecyc, ie the color of the sky in the game

Shader is an additional effects connected to the game. Mainly work on the basis of the Asi script. To install in the game folder.

Как настроить свой ENBSeries

An example of a modification that adds water on the basis of Shader'and

Colormod is an optional effect, editing the gamma in the game. Based on ASI script. To install in the game folder.

Как настроить свой ENBSeries

Example of setting Colormod'and in the style of GTA IV

4) Work in SA-MP.
Well, it's a sin to deny it, but most players do not play the original game, and network. However, not all settings ENBSeries'and work in SA-MP. It happens because Shader's connected to fashion. Therefore, I recommend You to install ASI plugin SAMP Graphic Restore he fixes these bugs.

Well, that's all. I hope this article was useful to you!

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Published on 2 December 2016

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