SilentPatch (02.04.2019) for GTA San Andreas

SilentPatch (02.04.2019) for GTA San Andreas
SilentPatch (02.04.2019) for GTA San Andreas miniature 1 SilentPatch (02.04.2019) for GTA San Andreas miniature 2 SilentPatch (02.04.2019) for GTA San Andreas miniature 3 SilentPatch (02.04.2019) for GTA San Andreas miniature 4
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Published on 23 July 2019

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The latest version of SilentPatch.

SilentPatch - one of the best mods for GTA in the world.
The purpose of fashion - to get rid of the original error games, why Rockstar did not do, or have done in the new versions of GTA SA (e.g. Steam) and therefore it does SilentPatch 1.0 US.
This is an indispensable mod that you can't miss in his game. Fixed bugs, about which you never knew existed, from fixes crashes, improved performance and FPS to patches that allow you to install more mods without bugs in the game.

* Build 30 (02.04.2019) with several changes that mainly benefit the users of LS-RP (SA:MP), and not only:

- At the request of the AD:RP was added to the internal list of servers who use "LS-RP Mode";
- To reduce the number of such requests in the future, I've provided this list of servers in INI file in [LSRPModeServers]. Here you can add IP addresses of servers with which you want to use this mode. Please note that LS-RP and AD:RP is still hard-coded to prevent "cheating" by removing the entries from the INI section;
- Fixed: rendering of weapons in mode LS-RP (they were transparent);
- Fixed muzzle of the shotgun.

The plug-in required the CLEO library 4.3.20 (or higher) or ASI-Loader.

Works with GTA SA 1.0 (all versions);
GTA SA 3.0 (old Steam version);
GTA SA - newsteam r2 (patch from Dec 9, 2014; partial support).
Author:  Silent
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Moderators: nakitalotus

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