SilentPatch v1.1 Build 29 for GTA San Andreas

SilentPatch v1.1 Build 29 for GTA San Andreas
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Published on 13 June 2018

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SilentPatch - one of the best mods for GTA in the world.
The purpose of fashion - to get rid of the original error games, why Rockstar did not do, or have done in the new versions of GTA SA (e.g. Steam) and therefore it does SilentPatch 1.0 US.
This is an indispensable mod that you can't miss in his game. Fixed bugs, about which you never knew existed, fixes crashes, improved performance and FPS to patches that allow you to install more mods without bugs in the game.

Build 29:
After 1 year, one of the best updates ever seen!
*In a few vehicles now have animated components: cap, butterfly, Phoenix, blade Sweeper, antenna Newsvan, boat radars, additional valves Rustler and Beagle.
*Animated components Bandito, BF Injection and Hotknife will not work if the engine is off.
*Fixed an error that occurs when the machine sales have continued in use for a long period of time.
*The FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING flag is not removed from the functions read-IMG - it increases the speed of loading models in the world (streaming).
*Fixed a bug related to streaming, which can sometimes cause the game freezes on a black screen when entering or exiting interiors.
*Constant conversion from metric to Imperial was changed to a more accurate new.
*Fixed a bug that caused random vehicles to get stuck in the police garage, replacing the vehicle of the player.
*Reflection on NPCs and vehicles now change direction depending on time of day, like in GTA III and VC (can be deactivated / activated in .ini, default is disabled).
*Schedule a dance mini-game has been improved, now on PC it works normally.
*Car spawn, posted in interiors, are now positioned correctly - it makes "re-appear" two cars in the mansion of the Mudd Dogg, who have always been there but were not visible.
*Bombs on the cars now stored in the garage as it should.
*Fixed an issue where the game was delayed, if at the same time works III / VC / SA.
*Stream has been improved during the mission Supply Lines (or, more generally, at any time using the RC car) - now works as it should.
*Health triangle that appears over the NPC, now correctly oriented (now upside down) above the NPC, which induced the player .
*Photographing BMX will never be forced CJ to turn on.
*Delay (latency) keyboard has been reduced by 1 frame.

Full list of changes in this plugin:
* HR delay of 14 MS were removed. As a result, the game now correctly restricted to 30 FPS instead of 25 FPS
* A more accurate shots limiter, a small reduction sulaivani it
* Game timers are now working in a more precise manner, causing them to freeze, if the frame rate exceeds 1000 frames per second; in other words, this fixes the random hangs when fadeout'Oh during games off the frame limiter
* The mouse should no longer randomly be locked when exiting the menu on newer systems
* The sensitivity of the vertical mouse axis now corresponds to the sensitivity of the horizontal axis
* The vertical axis now the mouse is not locked during fadein's camera
* NUM5 is now bindable (like in 1.01)
* Resolution 16:9 now selectable (like in 1.01)
* If the settings file is missing, the game will now put the resolution of your desktop is 800x600x32
* Removed dependence on DirectPlay. This should improve compatibility with Windows 8 and newer
* The path to the folder GTA San Andreas User Files is now achieved otherwise, increasing compatibility and the prospect of the game
* Fixed fracture of the hip in the same place (did not affect gameplay but could potentially lead to a crash)
* Screensavers EAX/NVIDIA now removed (can be on/off; off by default.)
* Dimensions of texts, radio and subtitles you can now toggle between the original release and updated Steam-version (default. dimensions Steam)
* Coloration the name of the area now matches the color of the gang that owns that territory (only Los Santos) (can be on/off; DISABLED by default.)
* Reflections on the wet road again displayed properly (just like with Road Reflections Fix)
* Fixed the effect of the sunlight, apoapsis with AMD/Intel
* Fixed problem with introducing image artifacts from animations of the peds with high RAM usage - the so-called "streaming memory bug"
* Fixed the bug causing a forced substitution zastavnogo cheat bladed weapons other melee weapons when entering the truck
* The rotors of the helicopters and aircraft propellers now work correctly. They now have a blurring effect present in VC and PS2 version of SA. This fix can be disabled separately for each transportation via the INI file
* Interior Hunter and does not disappear when viewing through the glass door panel
* Dual rear wheels now show
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