Several improvements to our site

Several improvements to our site

Dear Users,

We never stop improving our website and keep trying to make it even more convenient and friendly. We`re now excited to introduce you to several recent improvements to the functionality of our site.

✔ change in the filter of modifications
Several improvements to our site

We have tried to present the filter of mods by make, type of transport, replacement model, etc. in a more convenient way. Now this filter is divided into columns and alphabetized. Thus searching for mods of the desired car or make will be even more convenient!

✔ A user rating has been made
Several improvements to our site

Now, all users who have stars on our site can find out which position they take in terms of the number of stars awarded to them. The Rating maintained is both current and overall. Current rating is the user`s rating in the current month, and the total – reflects the user`s rating during the existence of the site.

✔ Improved comments
Several improvements to our site

We have further developed the mechanism for commenting on posts and added the feature enabling to reply to comments of other users. It is now very easy to distinguish who replied to whom and what he/she replied.
 More about comments

✔ Changed download page
Several improvements to our site

Now on the download page you can also see the mods that are also downloaded together with this mod.
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17 February 2013
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