BMW M3 E30 for GTA 4

BMW M3 E30 for GTA 4
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Published on 24 January 2013

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BMW 3-series E30 body was the second model "third series", replacing the BMW E21. This generation was produced from 1983 to 1994.

At first it was a two-door sedan, but in 1984, appeared and 4-door version, combined with the presence of 6-cylinder versions,
very positive sales results disrupted. Basis philosophy of the most powerful versions are not savings and dynamics,
multiplied by handling. In addition, in 1988, and has 4 x 4 modification.

The second generation of the 3 series BMW sedans with the factory index E30 (BMW E30) was submitted in November 1982, at the motor show in the UK
and the first copies were delivered to customers in early 1983.
BMW E30 has replaced the previous one made popular by a BMW E21 minor third series BMW. Often this model name is in " ",
Although it is absolutely independent model, but it is as though the transition from sharp edges of shark " " to rounded forms more
modern machines.

In 85, the Office provided the top version of the Motorsport BMW E30-M3.
The model was stunningly successful and continually held the upper row of ratings.
S14 engine, built using M10, developed 200 HP in the first editions, 220 in modification of Evo I and 238 HP
the modification of EVO II. didn't overclock up to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds, and less than that for a long time was the divider,
for which you have already begun the real sports Supercars.
Externally, the MOH have featured extended wings with low-profile tires size 205/55 R15, " developed " bumpers,
rocker panels and trunk lid closing rear fenders on top.
Par and road versions, M3 participated in FIA GT Racing. many modifications and it has had 3 evolutionary version,
in order to meet the changing requirements of the FIA.
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Model to replace: Sentinel
Make: BMW

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