Snow Pack for GTA San Andreas

Snow Pack for GTA San Andreas
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Published on 8 June 2016

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I would like to present you a collection of modifications on a winter theme, which differs from others not only replacement of many original textures on winter, but adding new textures in HD quality, new clothes, the CLEO scripts, as well as high quality winter graphics mod.
Well, let's turn to the changes:
-All map covered with snow
-Added vegetation without leaves
-Added winter setting that adds atmosphere ENBSeries winter
-All people and CJ breath goes pairs
-Disabled heat effects
-Added 2DFX plugin that adds the lights of the night city
Phone the main character was replaced by another more qualitative
-Replaced by the glare of headlamps on more beautiful
-Transport of snow tires
-Replaced with radio station logos on new and more beautiful
-Added new graffiti
-Changed behavior of cars, now the machine logs, wheels turn smoothly, and NPC is now adequate
-Added new simulators and video finder from the mobile version
-San Fierro appeared Christmas tree
-The main hero can dazzle and throw a snowball that do it Ctrl
-All cars tyres zasneženy
-Added posts in HD quality
-Added winter map, as well as icons in HD
-Replaced with clothes, including a White Jersey. Now instead of her jacket
-Added the sounds of crows, assault rifles, bullets, as well as a new cargo rack, interiors, televisions and set-top boxes, money and fire hydrants
-Added ability to run Fireworks!
The K key-put before Carl box with missiles.
L-key (works with 22:00 to 4:00)-run Fireworks and enjoy the fireworks.
Moderators: Vovan244, Rayan
Пак включает в себя 66 mods:
  1. - New money
  2. - New fish
  3. - Snowfall
  4. - RADIO HUD IV 3.0
  5. - Automobile Traffic Fix v 0.1
  6. - The wheel turned when exiting the car
  7. - Ushanka replace MotoX Helmet
  8. - Mercedes-Benz Actros Activate replace DFT-30
  9. - Reperskaâ jacket replace Black Hoody
  10. - Winter vinyl for Elegy
  11. - Snowflake to replace cursor _ Winter collection
  12. - Fix cards in the style of GTA 4
  13. - Retekstur at Jefferson
  14. - New year in San Fierro
  15. - GTA V Radar Icons
  16. - Project 2dfx v1.5
  17. - Memory2048
  18. - gta_sa.exe 1.0 us
  19. - Soldier's Cap replace Hockey Mask
  20. - Snow tire machines
  21. - The sounds of crows
  22. - Steam from his mouth
  23. - Sweatshirt "Lunsdale" replace White Tank
  24. - GTA SA: V to Realistic Handling
  25. - GTA V Styled Radar V2
  26. - Steady turn wheels
  27. - Mask pingvinënka HD GTA ONLINE replace Boxing Helmet
  28. - New year Hat v1 replace Trucker Hat
  29. - New year Hat v2.2 replace Joke Mask
  30. - Viewfinder camera of Mobile version
  31. - Whiz Phone
  32. - Jacket as Michael in the GTA V replace Jean Jacket
  33. - Textures of mini-games and icons radio from GTA SA Mobile
  34. - The texture of the screen all schools and their icons from GTA SA Mobile
  35. - New machines and dumbbells from GTA SA Mobile
  36. - No Shadows
  37. - Hoody "Straight Outta Compton" replace Blue Hoody
  38. - Anime mask (GTA Online) replace Eyepatch
  39. - Fire Hydrant
  40. - Snow thrower
  41. - Firework Mod
  42. - Hoody Los Santos replace Green Hoody
  43. - Disabling effects of heat
  44. - Sound police car from the baubles GTA V
  45. - CLEO 4.3.21
  46. - Remastered Vanilla Graffiti HQ
  47. - Sea water and glare of headlamps
  48. - New textures clubs
  49. - HD Prop Model
  50. - Colour tv-Alpha 51TC
  51. - Tv-5141D 37TC Berezka
  52. - Electrica HD
  53. - New interior in the House CJ
  54. - Textures House of GTA 4 v2
  55. - Winter ENBSeries 3.0 for the weak PC
  56. - Snow menu
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