Alternate Start - Live Another Life for TES V: Skyrim

Alternate Start - Live Another Life for TES V: Skyrim
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Published on 7 May 2015

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Modification of "live Another Life" allows you to start the game in an alternative way. It is designed for those who do not want to go through a long entry and execution in Helgene. You will be given the opportunity to choose a race, and then a new life for your character. Many options are available. The selection made is valid for further game, so choose carefully, otherwise you may again leave the gods!

The choice of options is extensive: you can start the game owner has decorated the House or a member of a Guild, the poor drunkard in a tavern or a wanted dangerous criminal, a soldier in the army or a free Hunter in the Woods, a vampire in a secluded den or a necromancer in a secret lab, Sentinel, Rogue Warrior Stendarra argonianskim working in the docks, a refugee from Morrovinda and many other ways. Try to find your own path in Skajrime.
At the beginning of the game you want to include subtitles, so that you can see the text when talking with the statue in the starting location. After you select what you want to play, you can disable subtitles.

The Skajrime provides several options for the development of the game, even if you play on a standard scenario through Helgen. The Dragon does not force the player leaving Helgen, immediately get to the main quest. Thus, this mod allows to bypass Helgen, and not to meet with Alduinom. The game will wait patiently until you decide to resume the main plot. So you don't need to make any special effort to avoid the recurrence of the main quest. Just don't start it.

To start the main quest, you need to ask any resident on rumors of military operations that took place near the Helgena. After going through a chain of action hero, in the end, will see the flight of the Dragon. You can then go to warn the inhabitants of Rivervuda, or try to find Hadvara or Ralofa in a cave from which you have left, starting the game in a standard way. Because the players wanted to meet my friend (Hadvarom or Ralofom), the game was remade so that they both lay wounded in a cave. The hero chooses to help, giving one level, you can also leave a dying them both. If you choose to help one of them, you can however go to Rivervud.

If you didn't choose or choose not to follow those who have saved, you can resume the main quest in a familiar way-go's and inform ârlu about. Then the main quest will continue as usual.
The exceptions are: the beginning of the game in the camp, located in a forest, and the history of the civil war-will not need to attend Helgen, to start the main quest.
Standard start after Helgen along with this mod will be the same as in the original game.

Please note that due to the complex nature of the plugin it should be placed as low as possible in the list of downloadable mods. The author strongly recommends to use BOSS to sort your mods. This utility is now fully compatible with the new system boot order mods Skyrim.

It is important! Be sure to read the rules of fashion updates (if you are already an earlier version), the rules of fashion installation/removal, nesovmestimostâmi and ways to address some of the potential problems. All this you can find in the readme html in the files of the plugin.

ATTENTION! Plugin 10.10.2014 has been updated to version 2.5.2 (a)
A list of these changes (in addition to unspecified minor fixes):
-changed the beginning of the game: now, you are in an abandoned prison-vanilla location located north of Fort Amole, owned by Istmark;
-added three new background: jailbreak, Thrall sorcerer and a childhood friend of Eric's Killers;
-farm that you can select in the prehistory of the homeowner, moved north from Roriksteda and is now called "Support Šoulov". The Interior is not changed, so don't worry for your stuff;
-character-danmer can now choose where to start a game in Vindhel′me or in Varnu Rock (with DLC Dragonborn);
-deleted all changes concerning the vanilla factions, for better compatibility;
-a bit reworked the way of the main quest-hero must now ask the innkeeper or traktirŝicu on the latest rumors. In one of the cases they cited a military operation involving the Imperial Legion and the brothers of the storm, and the player's character in a Person or Player for details;
-added various compatibility conditions for fashion with other plugins.
Author:  Arthmoor
This mod required:
Hearthfire DLC, Dragonborn DLC, Dawnguard DLC
  • Minimum version of the patch, which is necessary for this modification - 1.7.

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