DYOM# (Supplement for DYOM 8.1) for GTA San Andreas

DYOM# (Supplement for DYOM 8.1) for GTA San Andreas
DYOM# (Дополнение для DYOM 8.1) for GTA San Andreas miniature 1 DYOM# (Дополнение для DYOM 8.1) for GTA San Andreas miniature 2 DYOM# (Дополнение для DYOM 8.1) for GTA San Andreas miniature 3 DYOM# (Дополнение для DYOM 8.1) for GTA San Andreas miniature 4 DYOM# (Дополнение для DYOM 8.1) for GTA San Andreas miniature 5 DYOM# (Дополнение для DYOM 8.1) for GTA San Andreas miniature 6 DYOM# (Дополнение для DYOM 8.1) for GTA San Andreas miniature 7
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Published on 21 July 2020

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DYOM# - addition to DYOM 8.1.

- When you start DYOM creates a backup of all installed missions (backup is stored in the folder My documents/GTA SA User Files/AUTOBACKUP). Further backup of the missions is done automatically every 3 minutes.
- Translated the menu items that have not been transferred to DYOM from SLT. The same was translated the instructions "Go to the next checkpoint", "Kill the person" I. D.
- The words "Mission accomplished. Respect " and "Mission failed" is replaced by "Mission accomplished." If unsuccessful, it will be red, if successful completion - white.
- Now when the download progress in the storyline mode, the player will teleport to the place where you saved the game. Also, when you save the game automatically deleted the Intro-mission and off the startup storyline.
- Immortality and infinite sprint during missions
- Ability to choose fighting style of the player (using the settings file "DYOM#[Settings].ini")
- Tincture of skills across settings file "DYOM#[Settings].ini"
- Removed the text-boxes with greeting that appears when you start DYOM
- Removed tokens of the entrance of the building. If you have the need to enter the door, you need to approach her and enter the cheat "ENEX".
- Removed the effect of hot air in hot weather
- Removed the height limit from džetpaka and airplanes
- Removed the pesky firefighters and medics
- Removed the music in interiors
- Removed the music that plays after the mission
- Removed unnecessary statistics window that opened TAB
- Removed the names of districts
- Removed vehicle name
- Removed search 4 stars in war zones (the Base 69, the aircraft carrier in San Fierro)
- Disable the defense system on the basis of 69
- Disabled changing the camera view during text input when you press V.
- Fixed a bug with the disappearance of the radar
- Fixed a bug with the red arrow above the transport-purpose
- Fixed a bug with the appearance of cars and pedestrians when you start DYOM
- Fixed a bug with the disappearance of the checkpoints
Now the car radio will default to off
- Speed up the reboot at the end of the mission
- Added text input in a single line (it can be enabled using the settings file "DYOM#[Settings].ini")
- Added 38 new pickups (they will work for other users even if they have not installed DYOM#)
- Ability to add any object from the game by entering their ID. They will work for other users even if they have not installed DYOM#

RMB - slow down time (when placing objects)
TAB - view the number of the selected target
TAB Q - select nearest target
TAB E - select the last objective (the Selected target is not marked with a yellow marker, so be careful)
CTRL M - teleport to a marker (even Works during missions)
P (1-5) - the ability to put up to 5 points, which you can then teleport. These points are individual for each mission, and persist even when the game is restarted.
SHIFT (1-5) - navigate to saved points
CTRL J to get the jetpack
Sprint X fast forward
The sprint X PKM - moving slowly forward (you Can walk through walls)
"STATE" (Cheat) - view game stats key SPRINT - reset statistics
"OFF" (Cheat)- complete the mission running

"GOO" (Cheat) - quick moving around the map (as a function of "time stop" from the "Cheat menu", but time does not stop, and the movement is with the mouse, which is much faster and easier)
W/S - move up/down
The A/D to change the angle
CTRL(Hold) - slow moving

Y U - select fists the choice of weapons to actors/player.
G Y - 5 to switch weapons forward
H N - 5 to switch weapons back

-Removal goals by entering in DYOM menu, click "Delete goal" and when the camera will focus on nearest target, press TAB. Be careful, if you enter a number nesushestvuyushiy goal, then removed the target of the camera.
-Select animation/actors/cars/objects entering the number in the menu selection, press TAB, enter the number then press Y or N.
-Teleport to the goal for number input - enable menu select the target (F2), enter the number and press TAB.
-Edit the cutscenes by entering pogodite to the next cutscene, target hit\to change the target, then press TAB.
-Ability to add to the timer to 1 second or hold down the TAB and switch time Y/N
-Possibility to add 5 seconds to the timer cutscene - press TAB and shift time Y/N
-Add new pickups - picker pickups hold down TAB and scroll to Y/N
-Add new objects - when objects are selected, hit TAB, enter the object ID and press N.

F4 - load pack of missions
Allows you to download additional packs of missions within the game.
When you start the game open the folder DYOM9.dat in GTA SA User Files and see 6 folders: MISSIONPACK1-5 and MYMISSIONPACK. We break down our desired mission folder MISSIONPACK1-5.

F3 - to open the menu and interiors

F2 - open a menu of additional functions
Author:  SIZZZ
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