SilentPatch v1.1 Build 31 (22.09.2019) for GTA San Andreas

SilentPatch v1.1 Build 31 (22.09.2019) for GTA San Andreas
SilentPatch v1.1 Build 31 (22.09.2019) for GTA San Andreas miniature 1 SilentPatch v1.1 Build 31 (22.09.2019) for GTA San Andreas miniature 2 SilentPatch v1.1 Build 31 (22.09.2019) for GTA San Andreas miniature 3 SilentPatch v1.1 Build 31 (22.09.2019) for GTA San Andreas miniature 4 SilentPatch v1.1 Build 31 (22.09.2019) for GTA San Andreas miniature 5 SilentPatch v1.1 Build 31 (22.09.2019) for GTA San Andreas miniature 6
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Published on 30 September 2019

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The new version SilentPatch'and 22 September 2019 with the support of Rockstar Games Launcher.

List of changes:
- HR delay 14 MS removed. As a result, the game now locks properly on 30 FPS instead of 25 FPS.
- More accurate shots limiter, slightly reduce the jump delay in game frame limiter;
- Timers games now work more accurately, so they do not stop, if the frame rate exceeds 1000 frames per second; in other words, this fixes occasional lockups on the attenuation when playing off the limiter frame;
Mouse should not lock randomly when exiting the menu on newer systems;
- The sensitivity of the vertical mouse axis now corresponds to the sensitivity of the horizontal axis.
- The vertical axis of the mouse now is not blocked during the damping chamber;
- Resolution 16:9 now selectable (like in 1.01);
- If the settings file is missing, the game will now default to the desktop resolution instead of 800x600x32;
- Removed dependency DirectPlay - this should improve compatibility with Windows 8 and newer;
- The path to the directory GTA San Andreas User Files now it turns out differently that increases compatibility and makes the game more promising;
- Fixed heap corruption in one place (does not affect gameplay but could potentially lead to a crash);
- Spray EAX / NVIDIA are now removed (can be turned on / off; default off);
- The size of the text of the subtitles and radio you can now toggle between the original release and updated Steam version (defaults to Steam sizes);
- Color name of the region now matches the color of the gang that owns the territory (only Los Santos) (can be enabled / disabled; disabled by default);
The reflections on the wet road again displayed correctly (as in the case of fix road reflections);
- Fixed a bug where the effect of glare from the sunlight did not appear on the AMD / Intel;
- Fixed the problem with the introduction of graphical artifacts from animations peda with high RAM usage - the so-called "memory stream error";
- Fixed a bug, which is generated by the cheats melee weapons forcibly replaced by another melee weapon when you enter the pickup truck;
- Helicopters and plane propellers now work correctly. They now have the blur effect, present in the versions of VC and SA for PS2. This fix can be disabled separately for each car using the INI file.;
- Interior of a hunter disappears when viewing through the glass door panel;
Dual rear wheels are now displayed properly (Yosemite, Tanker etc.). This hotfix, you can disable or force-enable separately for each vehicle via the INI file.;
- Weapons are now visible when viewing through the window of the car;
- Holding a weapon, you will no longer incorrectly highlight some of the items;
- A blown-up car is now painted correctly and no longer Shine (like in 1.01 and Steam versions);
- Dirty cars now can be cleansed (as in 1.01);
- Every vehicle now has a unique license plate;
- Custom number plates are now displayed correctly in all cases;
- Custom number plates are now also allowed on bikes;
The numbers now are filtered by bilinear mode, resulting in a smoother appearance;
- Car headlights do not darken more after they were originally lit (like on PS2);
A separate part of the vehicle will now remain the same colour as the vehicle from which they came;
- Separate parts of the vehicle are now shown on both sides;
Some car dashboards are now shaken after the explosion of the car (as expected, but the code forcibly removed them immediately after the injury);
- Moonphases now show correctly as in the PS2 version (only when playing in 32-bit color mode);
- Turn on car headlights does not make Windows invisible when viewed from inside;
- Lighting value from timecyc.dat now accepts any float value in the range 0,0-2,0 and not only for 0.0, 1.0 and 2.0;
- In addition, if the value is no light in a time loop (as on the standard time cycle of the PC), the game by default will now have a value of 1.0;
The lights are now properly stacked on the vehicle and pillows - before they disappear under certain conditions;
- Furthermore, when playing on Visual FX Quality higher than low, the game will now give up to 6 lights on each model both indoors and outdoors (with a low level of detail remains the standard behavior of the game allowed up to 4 light sources on the model on the street and 6 in the room);
- Muzzle flash looks better;
- Flash of the muzzle will now display when you fire the last bullet from the clip;
Have Coronas 'now no forced Z-test as a result, sunglare now matches original PS2 version.
- And many other fixes!
Author:  Silent
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Moderators: Vone

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